Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where To Get Reviews

I was surprised when I received an email saying that it was my turn for tip.  Since I wasn't ready for it, I replied to the email asking if there was anything specific my fellow writers would like to know.

Robin replied she would like to know about getting reviews and where to go get them.

Reviews are a hard thing for me to get behind.  I know that publishers like them.  I know they are supposed to help sell the book.  But, there is so much fake out there on the internet.  How authentic is that review anyway?  I have heard from lots of different authors, musicians, and artists, that the best way to sell your work is by word of mouth.  So why get a review?  People aren't going to purchase your book unless a friend recommends it anyway.  What's the point?

A couple things I learned:

1.  Reviews help to raise your profile.

2.  A good review will get you more work later.

3.  They also show that someone who supposedly knows something about writing and books likes your work.

Alright, so the point is that you have to get them.

Now where to get them.

Blogs (specifically book lover blogs)
Authors you like and know
University newspapers
Radio shows (don't discount the online ones)
Pod casts
Kirkus (paid)
Publisher's Weekly (paid)

This site has a list of helpful links to blogs and podcasts that do reviews.  Also doing your own google search could bring up blogs more specific to your genre of book.

But, as David Farland says here, the world's most important book reviewer is YOU!  Get behind your book and get the word out!!!

(P.S.  Robin has a YA suspense novel releasing this fall.  Remembrandt needs to be read by YOU!  Because it's awesome!)
(Also, a huge thank you to Jefferson Montoya for letting me pick his brain about reviews.  His music inspires me every day.  Give it a listen.)

(Those were not so subtle hints to check out these two people with wonderful talents.  You won't regret it!)

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